tree care

A tree needs as much care as a child needs to grow. It needs to be watered, fertilized, disinfected, and pruned from time to time for healthy growth. Landowners often miss out on some of the basic needs of the tree, which in turn may affect the overall growth and health of the tree. So, we have gathered a list of basic tree care and maintenance tips for you to consider:

  1. Mulching: Mulching is just like fertilizing the area where plants and trees are growing. The process uses natural resources such as fallen leaves for the plant to absorb and draw nutrition from it. Mulching is a convenient way of fertilization as whatever you spread on the soil will be absorbed by the plants eventually.
  2. Tree Pits: Planting a new tree in the garden area, you may want to consider adding some extra space for the tree to grow. A well-maintained tree pit ensures no damage to the property and uninterrupted sunlight.
  3. Watering: The newly planted tree needs as much as 10 gallons of water per week in the growing seasons. The new trees that have been transported from their roots are high risk of dying of drought. Adequate watering can help them stay longer and cherish full-fledge growth in the next seasons. For the next two seasons, the newly planted trees would need the utmost care.
  4. Winter Care: We often overlook the care of the tree in winter. In this season, the trees need fresh mulch for them to stay healthy and bear the harsh winter weather outside. They may not need water as much as they may need mulch in winter.

Trees need water and mulch for a healthy life and pruning for structured growth. Make sure to prune the tree for dead branches and tissues. This will ensure the healthy growth of the tree as well as its natural beauty.

Anytime you will do some tree care and maintenance in your property, you must always call a professional for assistance. Here’s why you need to hire a tree removal professional.