Your home is more than just a space confined between the four walls. It has an attic, kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, garage, and more that has its own insulation needs. So, for a home, one type of insulation is never perfect. When insulating the entire home, you may have to choose different insulators for each area. Let us have a look at certain areas of the house that require insulation different from the entire house.

insulation for home
  1. Attic Insulation: The attic is the area of the house that traps all the heat as warm air always travels the upward side. Open-cell spray foam, fiberglass, and cellulose are the best insulators for the attic. Open-cell spray foam is best of all for it is eco friendly. The insulation material makes a perfect air seal. It is an air barrier and can expand to 100 times its original size.
  2. Wall Insulation: For existing walls, injection foam and blow-in cellulose insulation make it top of the list. The insulators work by restricting the movement of warm air or heat. The insulator prohibits the warm air from passing through the walls into the house and vice versa in the winter season the insulators prohibit the warm air from escaping the walls of the house.
  3. Rim Joist Insulation: Rim joist is the most overlooked area when it comes to insulating the entire house. Spray foam and fiberglass are the two most effective insulation materials for rim joists. Fiberglas, as compared to spray foam, has moisture issues and cause mold to appear on the rim joist over time. Spray foam, on the other hand, is moisture resistant. It also creates a great air barrier that keeps the outside air from getting in.

Are you considering foam insulation but worried about some of the problems that you may encounter such as the ones in the video above? To get through this, we highly recommend working with a licensed contractor. Spray foam insulation is very tricky and one small mistake can become such an expensive and risky problem!

It is crucial to know which insulation material is best suitable for the specific area of the house for effective insulation. Insulation is not just about sealing the air. It is also maintaining the room temperature for effective utilization of electricity.

Insulation is such a great way to make your home energy efficient which is why it is now one of the best home services you can get. The key would be to get installation service from a licensed contractor to ensure that the purpose of your home insulation is effective.